Junior Software Developer

San Francisco

What are we looking for? This is the perfect place for junior level engineers to start out and grow their full stack web development skillset. Manual testing is a part of the role, but engineers at all levels share the manual testing burden. Our QA Engineers are mainly focused on bug triage; handling bug reports, reproducing them, investigating the code and ultimately writing fixes that get deployed to production. We are looking for an engineer with good attention to detail, the ability to learn quickly and pick up new skills independently, and a get-things-done attitude with eagerness to build something awesome!

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  • Work with a nimble passionate team; collaborating with development and support. Write test scripts and SQL queries, work with various automation tools and debuggers utilizing the full stack. Bug triage: handle incoming bug reports, go beyond investigating and write bug fixes yourself.
  • Maintain a continuous integration server, design new tests. Manual testing: reading code, figuring out what might break and breaking it before it reaches production.
  • Use your detective work to get to the AH-HA! moment when you find the root cause of an issue and figure out how to fix it. You will care and be involved in our product, mission, and success – way beyond checking off tasks.
  • What technologies will you work with? LEMP Stack Debug tools like xDebug and Chrome Developer Tools Monitoring, Alerting, Logging services to elevate awareness of production issue
  • 1+ years of combined experience in web development (any stack); solving challenging problems and implementing new features from scratch.
  • Experience working or internship experience in startups is a plus. Experience using git in a team environment is a plus. 1+ significant full stack web development projects that you have worked on independently (not for a class).
What You Will Not Do
  • You will NOT worry about “runway”, “cash left”, or “how much time we have until the next round”. We have the startup DNA but we’re fully backed and funded, all the way to success.
  • You will NOT be confined to your “job”.
  • You will get involved in product, marketing, business strategy, and almost everything we do.
  • You will NOT treat this as a “job”.
  • We believe in what we do and we are very passionate about it. If you’re simply looking for a job to pay the bills, please don’t apply.
  • You will NOT be bogged down by office politics, ego, or bad attitude. Only positive, pleasure-to-work-with people allowed here! You will NOT get yourself burned out. We work hard but we believe in maintaining sustainable work/life balance. Really.

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