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San Francisco

We╩╝re looking for a motivated, productive, team-oriented, and hands-on Senior Software Engineer to join one of our Core Microservice Teams.

The Core Microservice Team builds the core platform, which serves as the distributed systems foundation for all application development. We are building all common layers to manage a containerized microservice architecture, core microservices and their RESTful APIs used by the rest of the the application engineering teams to build applications that are used by end-users on a global scale. This system manages billions of API transactions from across multiple regions of the world and provides high-availability and fault tolerant failover between the regions.

We are investing deeply in reliability improvements to support our scale and the business criticality of our containerized applications. API-first design and operational automation, testing, and performance are critical to the success of everything we are building. We are looking to expand the team with software developers that can advance not only the functionality of the platform, but also keep a strong focus on the operational challenges around keeping the platform reliable as it continues to scale.

Design and build cloud-native core services of the collaboration and messaging platform
Design and implement distributed, horizontally scalable, and highly resilient Java based microservices in the core platform
Include production visibility/metrics and testability into everything your build
Support API-first design for the future while maintaining and deprecating legacy APIs
Refactor existing monolithic design into microservices to achieve more visibility and flexibility including data model changes, where necessary

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  • 5 to 8+ years experience designing and implementing high-performance, horizontally scalable, server-side distributed systems in Java.
  • Ability to work effectively in an Agile Scrum team to effectively scope backlog items and identify risks and interdependencies early
  • Ability to perform clean RESTful API design and understand the impacts of the design on client side application code
    BS or MS degree in Computer Science or a related technical field
  • A drive to get things done in a highly collaborative, agile development environment.
  • Passion and demonstrated experience in developing software in a large-scale microservice system
  • Experience with container orchestration platforms (e.g. Kubernetes) and container runtimes (e.g. Docker)
  • Knowledge of Linux system implications and how different JVM implementations/versions work in these environments
  • Experience using tracing and logging systems to diagnose production problems quickly
  • Experience building business-critical, large-scale systems with extreme availability
  • Experience with public cloud including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure

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